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To our english friends...

2 Avril 2009 , Rédigé par Micbon Publié dans #English spoken

Announcement for British people living in the area.

An English Festival



The "Théâtre du Lavoir" invites you to discover its production of "The Beggar's Opera" from the work by the English writer John Gay, in Queaux, along the Sous-Roches pathway.

This theatrical experience is freely adapted from the work "The Beggar's Opera" written in 1727 by John Gay and set to music by Johann Christoph PEPUSCH.

Meeting Place: QUEAUX Church Square,

On Saturday 23rd May at 3.00 p.m.



The event will be conducted in English by two English speaking performers -Victoria DYBOSKI and Alan PEEL - from the "Théâtre du Lavoir"


This 18th century English work performed by local artists will be an opportunity to meet and socialise with other members of the English expat community.

The event will provide a chance :

  • To discover the natural site of the "Sous Roches" in Queaux which will become a temporary open-air theatre set in the heart of the woods. (This will involve a walk of about 800 m during the actual performance);
  • To experience The Beggar's Opera through readings of Gay's work in English;
  • To enjoy the musical work of Pepusch written at the same time and interpreted by a musician and several actors;
  • To understand production design;
  • To meet the artists involved:

-      Victoria Dyboski, actress and trilingual translator;

-      Alan Peel, English actor living in France;

-      The 'Théâtre du Lavoir' who are organising this project for public performance during the summer of 2009 in Queaux.

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